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Gould Galleries


To be opened by Lady Potter AC RSVP 27 April 03 9827 8482

Saturday 25 April 2015 to Friday 01 May 2015
Opening: Thursday 30 April 2015
Art opening in Australia

Precipitous by Alex Sanson at Toorak Sculpture Exhibition

The feathery and steel work, Precipitous has just been installed in this year's Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition. Carbon steel, stainless steel, pigment, ostrich feathers, emu feathers. 2.3 x 1 x 1m variable and approximate.

Published on Friday 24 April 2015

Art News from Australia.

Precipitous by Alex Sanson image

Steve Turner

Jonas Lund Strings Attached

Steve Turner is pleased to present Strings Attached, a solo exhibition by Amsterdam-based artist Jonas Lund which will feature 24 text-based paintings that relate to the current “bubble moment” in contemporary art.

Featuring Jonas Lund.

Saturday 21 March 2015 to Saturday 02 May 2015 Art exhibitions in California, United States

Jonas Lund
Strings Attached image

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Sean Kelly

Mariko Mori Cyclicscape

Sean Kelly is pleased to announce Cyclicscape, an exhibition of new work by world-renowned artist Mariko Mori.

Featuring Mariko Mori.

Saturday 21 March 2015 to Saturday 02 May 2015 Art exhibitions in New York, United States

Mariko Mori
Cyclicscape image

Lisson Gallery (London)

Anish Kapoor

“I think I am a painter who is a sculptor… For me the two things have somehow come together, so that I am making physical things that are all about somewhere else, about illusory space.” Anish Kapoor, interviewed in Art Monthly, May 1990

Featuring Anish Kapoor.

Wednesday 25 March 2015 to Saturday 09 May 2015 Art exhibitions in City of London, United Kingdom

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