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Object: Australian Design Centre

Designers Gone Wild

Join us as we launch a new landmark space for design culture in Sydney. Part housewarming party and part designers-gone-wild, we’re inviting you to a live battle of rapid conversations. Witness some of Australia’s best design minds challenge each other's creativity, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

Opening: Monday 25 May 2015

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Canberra Contemporary Art Space

Gregory Hodge | Zoe Kirkwood | Amelia Zaraftis

Three new solo exhibitions opening at CCAS Gorman Arts Centre, A Fabled Gesture by Gregory Hodge, The Screen Set by Zoe Kirkwood and Room by Amelia Zaraftis

Opening: Thursday 28 May 2015

Lamington Drive


For the first time Ben Montero is taking his art out of the music scene it’s inspired by and into the outside world. An artist and musician with over 20 years experience in the music industry, Montero’s work is inspired equally by a love and loathing for pop music culture, past and present.

Opening: Sunday 09 August 2015

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Dome Gallery at Mission to Seafarers Victoria

Mission to Seafarers ANL Art Prize 2015

Entries to this years Art prize are now open. The entry forms can be downloaded from our website or can be completed online. Entry is $44 and all proceeds go to supporting the Mission's work.

Opening: Friday 06 November 2015

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