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Alice Blackley – Thinking About Making Art And Making Art About Thinking (Mindfulness in Painting)

Historically, the shape of a circle represents eternity. For Melbourne based artist Alice Blackley it represents wholeness. “I use the circle as my symbol for an empty mind whilst meditating. I write the word ‘focus’ inside the circle as a form of mantra.”

Opening: Wednesday 02 September 2015

Alice Blackley, Stay in the Moment, 2015, mixed medium, 38x26cm image

red gallery

Bethany O'Donnell - The Disquiet Up There

The Disquiet Up There is a negotiation of the artist’s own internal dialogue. It is an attempt to express the self-analysis and conflicts that are played out daily in her head. The figures depicted embody this discourse, as they duplicate, merge, emerge from and hide within themselves.

Opening: Wednesday 02 September 2015

Bethany O’Donnell, All Hands In, 2015, watercolour on paper, 38cm x 28cm image

red gallery

Melanie Lazarow - Shattered

Melanie Lazarow’s respect and admiration for those who collectively gather and protest is examined with 28 rich photographs of protesters projected and shattered by light on rich paper.

Opening: Wednesday 02 September 2015

Melanie Lazarow, Shattered 1, giclee print, 42 x 23.6cm image

The Silk Cut Foundation Inc.

The Silk Cut Award for Linocut Prints - 2015.

The Silk Cut Award for Linocut Prints was introduced in 1995 to promote the making, appreciation and understanding of contemporary linocut printmaking in Australia, supporting artists and students who work with this exciting medium. The annual exhibition showcases over 100 prints from finalists of all 3 sections; Open, Tertiary & Student. Winners are announced during the exhibition opening.

Opening: Friday 04 September 2015

2015 Silk Cut Award  image

Contemporary Art Tasmania

Underground: Lucy Bleach

Underground is a mixed-media installation by Hobart-based artist Lucy Bleach. Underground explores geological processes through seismic data collected in the gallery. A large sculptural form and time-based, shape-shifting elements mimic the slow, dynamic, transforming activity of the earth.

Opening: Friday 04 September 2015

Underground image

AirSpace Projects

Ali Noble and Nuha Saad

Ali Noble and Nuha Saad provide an antidote to Le Corbusier's intolerant attitude toward ornament.

Opening: Saturday 05 September 2015

Glitter is Going Under! image

Official Opening of the Biennial

An exciting and participatory opening event for everyone. Be the first to experience the stirring transformation of the Incinerator through Robyn Backen’s sound and projection installation, If you do not speak, do I speak for you? Join in on the opening fire ritual and fill the Art Space with your whispers.

Opening: Saturday 05 September 2015

Official Opening of the Biennial image

HOME GROWN: The Ceramicists

HOME GROWN: The Ceramicists showcases local artists who like to get down and dirty with clay. A medium that has experienced a huge resurgence, the artists will present works that draw from the historic pottery industry of Willoughby to exploring ideas about place and belonging. Image Credit: Petra Svoboda, Yellow Dog

Opening: Wednesday 09 September 2015

HOME GROWN: The Ceramicists image

Galerie pompom

Rochelle Haley, 'Through Form'

Through Form is a solo exhibition by Rochelle Haley of paintings that follow topological drawings of dance. Haley reworks unpublished drawings by 20th century dance theorist Rudolph Laban in the mediums of acrylic, oil and resin on exposed linen.

Opening: Wednesday 16 September 2015

Lemniscate Construction 6 image

MPavilion 2015

The second annual MPavilion will be unveiled on 5 October in Melbourne's Queen Victoria Gardens.

Opening: Monday 05 October 2015

Design render by British architect Amanda Levete's AL_A Studio image

Monika Feuerstein solo exhibition

I paint mostly in oils and am interested in the human form, portraiture and figurative I love to capture the emotions and the expression of the person telling a story. In my figurative work, I like to dabble in surrealism and dream like surroundings, in the series "Search for Self" I paint, my dreams, my feelings, my inner sanctum.

Opening: Friday 23 October 2015

Monika Feuerstein solo exhibition image

Dome Gallery at Mission to Seafarers Victoria

Mission to Seafarers ANL Art Prize 2015

Entries to this years Art prize are now open. The entry forms can be downloaded from our website or can be completed online. Entry is $44 and all proceeds go to supporting the Mission's work.

Opening: Friday 06 November 2015

Mission to Seafarers image