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red gallery

Hayley Martin - Sometimes

Hayley Martin’s practise combines processes of drawing, painting, collage and recently printmaking to record and discover the world that surrounds her. Living in country NSW on the Murray River she take inspiration from the magical colours, organic shapes and various textures that appear in nature. Martin collages studies of the landscape that reflect the beauty she find in the natural environment

Opening: Wednesday 08 April 2015

Hayley Martin, Gums and Morning Sun, 2014, gouache, trace paper metallic leaf, and pencil on watercolour paper, 39 x 29cm image

red gallery

Jean James - Restruction

Born in 1945 and raised in London Jean James experienced a London riddled with bombsites, half buildings and rubble.

Opening: Wednesday 08 April 2015

Jean James, We Can Take It, 2014, pen, ink, acrylic and vellum, 56x76cm image

red gallery

Penny Darling - Bestiary

In her latest body of work Penny Darling takes inspiration from The Bestiary, a medieval catalogue of animals, some real and some imagined. Darling’s work is a collection of bizarre and dangerous beasts, realized through sculpture and collage. Human shapes and forms occur, but are deformed or only partly present, alluding to inner beasts.

Opening: Wednesday 08 April 2015

 image: Penny Darling, Inflatable, 2014, Motion detector, industrial fan, textiles and arduino image

Counihan Gallery In Brunswick

Re-Citing | Renee Ugazio

Re-Citing is an experimental project by Renee Ugazio. Rust is everywhere in our cities. In its refined form it is the key ingredient used in the finest jeweller’s polish.

Opening: Thursday 09 April 2015

Re-Citing | Renee Ugazio image

Counihan Gallery In Brunswick


In Shift Valentina Palonen, Sharon Billinge and Celeste Chandler use the human figure to question what it is to be human and to consider the impact of external forces upon the formation of identity.

Opening: Thursday 09 April 2015



Not so firm as faded ink

Not so firm as faded ink is a touring exhibition by artist Nicola Dale, questioning the potential of knowledge versus the constraint of information. Commissioned and curated by Mark Devereux Projects, the exhibition will launch at Centrespace Gallery in April before moving on to Arcadecardiff a month later.

Opening: Friday 10 April 2015

My Pupil image

Pentimento-Anthony White

Solo exhibition of Paris based Australian artist at Metro gallery. The exhibition consists of twelve works created in France since the artist immigrated there during early 2010. The exhibition- Pentimento includes a painting "Flight" which was shortlisted in this year's Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London.

Opening: Thursday 16 April 2015

Restraint-Anthony White image

Artsite Gallery

Head On Photo Festival 2015 – Paula Broom, Fay (Bell) Clark, Dylan Coombe, Kevin Leong, Mathew Wylie

Head On Photo Festival 2015 presents the work of five Head On Associate photographers: Paula Broom, Fay (Bell) Clark, Dylan Coombe, Kevin Leong and Mathew Wylie, whose individual bodies of work were selected for exhibition by this year’s Festival Selection Committee.

Opening: Sunday 17 May 2015

Stranded I. image

Lamington Drive


For the first time Ben Montero is taking his art out of the music scene it’s inspired by and into the outside world. An artist and musician with over 20 years experience in the music industry, Montero’s work is inspired equally by a love and loathing for pop music culture, past and present.

Opening: Sunday 09 August 2015

'Sketchbook' image