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Undermining Landscape - Jennifer Sanzaro-Nishimura

In this exhibition Jennifer examines the Australian landscape and the effects of mining from two different perspectives - the physical changes in the landscape predominantly caused by open cut mining and the toxic effects of the chemicals (used in the mining process) and the minerals/materials extracted - on the environment and groundwater systems, especially in the dry, remote inland regions.

Opening: Friday 06 March 2015

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Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival

One of Australia’s leading regional arts festivals, the MWAF offers a rich and vibrant program in March of visual and performing arts, workshops, theatre, outdoor cinema, music, exhibitions, dance, fashion and comedy – all in a diverse range of venues that showcase the unique landscapes, natural beauty and rich heritage of the Mildura region.

Opening: Friday 06 March 2015

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"Babble Jabber" Exhibition Opening at island6 Hong Kong

Do you ever think in circles only to discover that your mind really is a circle and it’s a knotty maze of chaos and circles have no end and wow *#%! you really are crazy after all…. Welcome to the slippery edge of sanity, where tornados of absurdity and abstruse clouds of hazy climatic beginnings are waiting to push you over the edge.

Opening: Tuesday 10 March 2015

Babble Jabber  image

QCA Galleries

Tracing the Subnatural - Sara Manser

The works of art produced throughout my PhD candidature are based on my perception and aesthetic appreciation for the overlooked and unscenic aspects of nature. I have questioned ideas about what is natural and what is artificial in the nature of our cities. Through urban ecological thinking I have come to understand that cities are natural.

Opening: Friday 13 March 2015

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