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No Vacancy Gallery


SCRATCH! is a heady mix of steel and car paint sculptures that combines Marc Vellekoop’s passion for colour, metallic/pearl effect pigments, trippy patterns and high gloss. From car bonnets and front guards to smaller panel sections, the abstract sculptures pop and explode with colour, taking the viewer on an unexpected visual journey.

Tuesday 08 December 2015 to Tuesday 22 December 2015
Opening: Thursday 10 December 2015
Art exhibition in Victoria, Australia

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AirSpace Projects

Vex: 99⍧ents

Thirty-four graduating students from UNSW Art & Design take over AirSpace Projects to showcase their latest work. Everything from performance and video to painting and photography. These are the people to watch.

Friday 04 December 2015 to Saturday 19 December 2015 Art exhibition in New South Wales, Australia

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Contemporary, non-figurative, experimental, Fine Art , Paintings- Ulrich de Balbian Instagram

Artwork. France. 1980.

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Magnolia georgiana 2014 after George Dionysius Ehret 1743

Louise SAXTON Magnolia georgiana 2014 after George Dionysius Ehret 1743 Reclaimed needlework, vintage velvet, lace pins, beading pins, nylon tulle, silk on museum board 95 x 95 cm

Artwork. Australia. 2014.

Magnolia georgiana 2014 after George Dionysius Ehret 1743   image

The Photographers' Gallery

Rosângela Rennó: Río-montevideo

Río-Montevideo is the first major UK solo exhibition by acclaimed Brazilian artist Rosângela Rennó, known for her appropriation and re-contextualisation of archival and vernacular images.

Featuring Rosângela Rennó.

Friday 22 January 2016 to Sunday 03 April 2016 Art exhibition in Greater London, United Kingdom

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