About Listings


  • News Listings are typically about something which is of note now in time
  • Having said that, as an archive, we also welcome historic News Listings
  • News Listings might be anything interesting and topical, and could relate to a Product, Event or Service. Therefore something which is mentioned in a News listing might also have a dedicated Event, Product or Service listing
  • News listings, by default, will be ordered by most recently created first. Just like a News site.
  • News may relate to one or more Persons or Organisations


  • Events occur in time, and thefore they have a start date and an and date. Users can look for events coming up, currently on or held in the past
  • Events may occur at a location, and can therefore be filtered by location
  • Events are treated as though they may have tickets to attend them
  • Events listings include time-based listings such as Jobs, Opportunities and Calls for Submissions
  • EG: To list an Opportunity, create it as an Event, and select 'Opportunity' as the Event Type


  • Product Listings are for objects which a user can obtain
  • Products may be virtual or physical
  • Products can be purchased for a price or for no fee
  • Products may have already been sold
  • Each product may have a limited or unlimited supply
  • Ownership of a product might be transferrable
  • Products may exist for perpetuity and alternatively, they may also be destroyed


  • Services are activities that are performed by one or more Persons or Organisations on behalf of a recipient
  • Services are limited in supply by the timeframe in which the service is performed
  • Services may be purchased however unlike the purchase of a Product, this does not transfer ownership
  • Services generally are available for limited periods of time. When a Service is no longer available to obtain, a historic record of the Service can still be available, even though the Service is no longer being promoted for consumption