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About Listings

There are four types of listings on Base. Each listing type is handled differently across the website.

  • News Listings are typically about something which is of note now in time
  • Having said that, as an archive, we also welcome historic News Listings
  • News Listings might be anything interesting and topical, and could relate to a Product, Event or Service. Therefore something which is mentioned in a News listing might also have a dedicated Event, Product or Service listing
  • News Listings can also be accessed via the 'News' link in the header menu
  • News listings, by default, will be ordered by most recently created first. Just like a News site.
  • News is something a user is informed about
  • News may relate to one or more Persons or Organisations
  • Events occur in time, and thefore they have a start date and an and date. Users can look for events coming up, currently on or held in the past
  • Events are expected to occur at a location, and can therefore be filtered to see Events which are on at a certain location
  • Events are treated as though they may have tickets to attend them
  • Events are something users can attend and experience
  • Events may be organised and executed by one or more Persons or Organisations
  • Product Listings are for objects which a user can obtain
  • Products may be virtual or physical
  • Products can be purchased for a price or for no fee
  • Products may have already been sold
  • Each product may have a limited or unlimited supply
  • Ownership of a product might be transferrable
  • Products generally have one or more Persons or Organisations involved in their creation
  • Products may exist for perpetuity and alternatively, they may also be destroyed
  • The creative intellectual property responsible for the design of a Product is generally protected by Copyright, although Products may also be offered under alternative licenses like Creative Commons or Contract
  • Services are activities that are performed by one or more Persons or Organisations on behalf of a recipient
  • Services are limited in supply by the timeframe in which the service is performed
  • Services may be purchased however unlike the purchase of a Product, this does not transfer ownership
  • Services generally are available for limited periods of time. When a Service is no longer available to obtain, a historic record of the Service can still be available, even though the Service is no longer being promoted for consumption
  • Services are generally offered within a particular location

All listings are archived on the website for perpetuity, to create a lasting database of information for generations to come. If users cease paying for a subscription to publish new listings, their historic listings will remain archived on the website, regardless of the fact that they are no longer paying. Our aim is to create an easy, low cost, economically-sustainable way to promote and archive Art history online.

News, Event and Product listings are considered for inclusion in the Email Newsletter and are also featured on the front page of the website when they are first created.

All listings can be linked to Person and Organisation profiles. All listings link to the author's User Account profile.