Daniel Eatock

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Wednesday 22 July 2009.

Silver Diamond Ring image Gold Bic Pen Cap image Alt. 02 Olympic 2012 Logo image Do Not Touch (counterbalanced shelves) image Loop image Daniel Eatock image

archetypal claw-set solitaire ring with a solid silver ‘cut diamond’ piece. 2008

solid gold, cast from the cap of a Bic pen. By replacing the cap of a standard Bic pen with a cast gold replica, this ubiquitous, generic writing implement is aligned with aspirations of luxury and trophies of academic and corporate achievement. It transforms the Bic pen it covers from a disposable tool into a hybrid carrier of value its owner might not want to misplace.

The five colored rings and the white space that separates them all have the same surface area.

5 pine planks (each 6 feet), 5 metal brackets, tools and materials from the gallery utility closet or found on the gallery grounds. Each of the five shelves that comprise this work is balanced on a single bracket. All maintain their level balance by the precise placement of the objects they bear.

This example is from a collection of related looping objects. In their physical articulation of how the beginning of a circle (or loop) by necessity connects with its end.

Eatock also has a few interesting user-contributed compilations on his site, including a collection of non-smoking signs designed by his readers.