Todd Fuller in 3D24D Sculpture, Animation, Video exhibition

Todd Fuller, 'A dance in 24 frames #3' 2014 image
Todd Fuller, 'A dance in 24 frames #3' 2014.  timber, electronics, acrylic, ink, collage and charcoal on card, 12.5 x 12.5 x 12.5cm.  All rights reserved.  Todd Fuller and Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.  Australia  2016.

Three works by Todd Fuller will be on view as a part of 3D24D Sculpture, Animation, Video at Ewart Gallery in Willoughby.

The exhibition looks at artists who merge the mediums of sculpture and video art in their practices. Fuller’s pieces included in the show are his hand drawn animation ‘Little Star’, a sculpture also called ‘Little Star’ and one of his electronic flip boxes ‘A dance in 24 frames #3’

Art News from Australia. Published by MAY SPACE on Wednesday 09 March 2016.
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