Shane Hope's "Your Mom Is Open Source"

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I was recently lucky enough to be chaperoned to an exhibition of extraordinary artworks made by an artist who doesn't even exist yet.

Shane Hope is a genetically modified organism who traveled back from the future to exhibit his work at Winkleman Gallery in New York. The images on display are those cute in-utero documentation which first-time parents keep of their radiographed pending children. Only in this case the embryos are, like Hope, digitally generated images developed within a molecular modelling program. Hope shares with us the world’s first interview with an artist from the future:

How long have you been exhibiting? How long doing solo shows and in which countries?
Well, seeing that I was built 2072, I suppose technically I’ve been exhibiting now for under -70 some years.

Which galleries are you represented by?
Winkleman Upwhenever and Everland of Evoluture Futures in Newer York.

Are you in some impressive collections?
I’ve had artistantiations non-rival routed into the emptier dimensions of the Anywhen-Bending Musuem of whEnvelopment-nDevelopment and fluidentities sprouted as thought-form thunkuppetrees growing group-minds in the morph-feral-foglet-fabbed fertilizer of the Gooplex Index of theTransubstratiobject Hood Communitree Centrip-It-All.

What was your educational background with regards to art?
I earned my Key Gen Certificate of Augmendicity in Qubit-Built-Quilted Bond-Bending Public Panopticon Powder from the Accelerationistas School of Add-Ons Off Your Overclocker Rocker POV-Vapor Xmit Rights to Far Edge Party Uploadside Your Header. I also studied Junk DNA Sculptural Ontogenesis at the School for Extratemporal 11D Doodle-Doc Scillystrational Scribble-Scriptability.

Please describe the way you have produced the works in your current exhibition.
First, I flow tissues that follow the flocus of artilectual femtofactured mind-splaces by nDiagraming cross-sections of copyluted compound cutaway exploded view shish kabombs. Then, I quacker-cast the results as recreational diseases for data-debased dark matter evolutures. With the help of Hyper-Spatial Sentient Sopper See-Source Serum and Morph-Feral-Foglet-Fabbed Fertilizer, I forge algorithmicracked-out crypto-junk-DNAnarch-keys to un-nanoblockonomic-lock fine jouler-bots-that-gots-watt-a-lots and freely power my prescient peek-a-boo plunderware portraiture on percept pus.

How do you relate to one another the sub-bodies of work on view?
The Goo Gardeners’ Collablobject-Oriented Co-op Computronium Commonage Corpus Clustering of Mass-Mod-Mood-Meds relates to my GraviTV Programming of Everware-There-is-Mass, Quality Quomputronium Quodin’ Squillz and Compile-A-Child Consciousness Codings by way of repeatedly rebooting fungible front-ends exprisoned within deathcubes.

Are they sold as separate works or are they somehow intertwingled?
Since everything I grow goes on in a quasi-stable wavefoam of missing-mass wiki-back-conquest qulinks all transclusivity-tagged and image/star systemically soul-splinterfered, it’s hard to say. While fluidentity slashdot-to-dots off to one side surely occasionally connect into xoxes/dividuals and so on, such backdoor-beings are somewhat subject to subsumption by post-conscious subthreaded sales-swarms.

What material are the prints on, it looked pretty shiny and awesome.
The artworks are actually afloat on the smart-gel liquidity-eventuality of turing-tested-tears cried from most thy-iEyes.

Who are your favourite artists and why?
Lately I’ve been literally into getArtistTrace’s spoofing-spooking-spooling series. MC Chmodder_Fodder is well wrapping-upwhen geekstautonomousness as well. And finally, the Fabber Fleshionistas’ fine-arse fornicode f^(kin’ rules fools’ tools.

Anything else that you want to add that our readers might be interested in?
Yes. First of all, the future is all of the above.

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Art Press Release from Australia. Published by anonymous on Wednesday 15 July 2009.
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