Streeton Prints

Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop seeking sponsors

Art Announcement from Australia. Published by Soula Mantalvanos on Monday 05 December 2016.

Streeton Prints proposal image

In March/April 2017, Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop (QG&W) will have the honor of hosting an exhibition of previously unpublished prints by Sir Arthur Streeton.

QG&W will present the posthumous prints in a Streeton Prints exhibition and tell the story of the discovered plates, the process to restore, proof and edition them. QG&W will also exhibit works by its represented artists who have been influenced by Sir Arthur Streeton, for the duration of the exhibition and also host nine resident artists who will be working in the gallery.

QG&W seeks to forge partnerships with businesses/companies interested in being involved with the Streeton Prints exhibition and who would like to support the artists in residence. By supporting Streeton Prints and the resident artists, businesses/companies will gain great exposure for their brand and be recognised as patrons of the arts during a most exciting cultural event.