Hoda Afshar wins the Sotheby's Australia People's Choice Award

Art Announcement from Australia. Published by Monash Gallery of Art on Thursday 29 November 2018.

Portrait of Behrouz Boochani, Manus Island  image

MGA Foundation is delighted to announce that Melbourne-based, Iranian-born artist Hoda Afshar is not only the winner of the $30,000 William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize for her photograph ‘Portrait of Behrouz Boochani, Manus Island’ (2018), but has also been awarded the Sotheby's Australia People's Choice Award.

It is recognition that this photograph has resonated with audiences across all levels, a powerful image that elicits an intellectual, aesthetic and emotional response.

Sotheby’s Australia is the premier auctioneer of art, decorative arts and jewels within Australia, and extols creativity and scholarship. Sotheby’s Australia’s support of the Bowness Photography Prize is a reflection of the national and historic importance of this prize and the MGA Foundation is profoundly grateful to partner with Sotheby’s for their award. Afshar will receive $2,500.

Congratulations also go to the following voters, who have been drawn from the pool of voters to win prize packs from Thames & Hudson! Voters, please check your messages!

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