The Stunning Winning Images of AAP Magazine 11 Travels

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Closer to Heaven image Misty morning at Baojin village in winter time  image In the streets of Nizhneangarsk image Dead Goat Polo 5 image The Barn, Senja Island, Northern Norway, from the series The red and the White image The sound of bamboo brooms beside the Church image

We're delighted to reveal the names of the 25 talented photographers who won "AAP Magazine #11: Travels"

Out of thousands of entries, these remarkable photographers come from around the world with 17 different countries being represented.

Their work allows us to escape for a few moments in these difficult times to other beautiful places around the world, allowing us to dream of a better future.

From Ethiopa’s church in the sky, to the misty mornings of China or the streets of Nizhneangarsk in Russia, we virtually travel to the four corners of the earth.
Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Japan, China, Saigon, Mauritania, Russia, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Azerbaijan, Mali, Benin, Vietnam, Peru, Australia, Chad and the United States are amongst the countries you will be able to discover in the 11th edition of AAP Magazine.

The Winner of AAP Magazine 11 Travels is Mauro De Bettio (Spain) with his image Closer to Heaven.

Ethiopia’s ‘church in the sky’ is arguably the most inaccessible place of worship on earth, perched on top of a vertical spire of rock and 200m drops on all sides. The monolithic church, located in northern Ethiopia in the Tigray region, is 2,600m high and must be climbed on a vertical rock with bare feet to reach it, making you wonder how families grit it out to visit the church for Sunday services.</p>

2nd Place Winner: Philippe Fatin (France) with his series ‘In the Mounts of the Moon’

Misty morning at Baojin village in winter time – For the third day of the third lunar month , the Dong peoples celebrate this event. They are preparing the sticky rice in each houses, the smoke melt with the misty morning created this magic atmosphere . In early morning, they are going to pick shallots and garlics in the gardens. Guizhou province, Zhenyuan district China.

3rd Place Winner: Natalya Saprunova (Russia/France) with her series ‘Isolated: life around Baikal lake’

In the streets of Nizhneangarsk – A warmly dressed resident of Nizhneangarsk, an urban locality of Buryatia Republic in Russia, walks down the street to do her shopping. The town is located at the northernmost part of the Baikal lake and was developed mostly during the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) railway line at the end of the 70’s. The BAM was built as an alternative strategic route to the Trans-Siberian Railway for transporting raw materials away from the sensitive Soviet-Chinese border.

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