Linda Lindus | Featured Artist Spotlight

Camelback Gallery promotes up to 40 Featured Artists throughout their one-year online residency through art media and social media outlets.

Art News from United States. Published by Camelback Gallery on Sunday 10 January 2021.

Linda Lindus image

Linda Lindus is Camelback Gallery's Current Artist Spotlight Featured in 2021. Linda resides in Scottsdale, AZ USA. Her style of work is Impressionist and Representational Abstract, Subject matter is Arizona Landscapes.

Linda’s Statements:
“I paint from an inward source, interpreting each setting or moment with intense feeling. My imagination calls me to create, to interpret what I see, and paint what I feel. While the rugged landscapes surrender to a brush or palette knife, creatures – flora and fauna are brought to life on canvas. The resultant artworks transform into emotion, evoking a mood beyond the scene itself while I paint beyond what is real by reaching for a deeper connection. My creativity springs from inspirational surroundings, life experiences and nature’s beauty. In exploring the challenges of merging nature with mankind’s structural intrusions, I attempt to capture their inherent artistic qualities.” Linda