Welcome Merritt Richardson | Featured Artist

Merritt recently applied for Camelback Gallery's Featured Artist Designation. Her artwork was juried and selected for this one-year online residency.

Art News from United States. Published by Camelback Gallery on Wednesday 20 January 2021.

Merritt Richardson image

Artist Locale: Portland, OR, US Style of work: Contemporary Subject matter: Abstracts Medium: Acrylic and Mixed Media

“Simplicity that is endlessly complex intrigues me. I love it when the starkness of something very simple captivates and demands attention. Something that seems very straightforward at first glance, but then invites a longer look, revealing unexpected details, tension and depth. These principles inform my artistic style. I seek to achieve a balance of energy and restraint in my work, favoring vibrant, bold color, unexpected contrasts, layering, and rich textures. My approach is mostly intuitive, letting the paint and tools guide the composition and details as I go. Paint, react, paint…until each piece tells me that it is complete.” Merritt