Jill Sneidman - Featured Artist Spotlight

Jill specializes in landscape and nature photography. She has been capturing the life of nature for over 40 years, with the intention of bringing it closer to everyone.

Art News from United States. Published by Camelback Gallery on Saturday 23 January 2021.

Jill Sneidman image

Artist Locale: Coral Springs, FL USA Style of work: Fine Art Photography Subject matter: Nature, Landscapes Medium(s) used: Cannon T5 Camera/3 lenses

“Professional nature photography is a gift; it allows us to bring into a living space an endless moment of peace, light, harmony, beauty, perfection, insight and wisdom.” Nature photography is all about the perfect instant, to be there and recognize it as the special moment that can be set in an image. It is to know when a photograph will be worth more than a thousand words because it is portraying life and thus, it comes alive. Jill continues to chase the elusive “perfect shot” with greater passion than ever before. When asked about her favorite image, Jill replies: “I haven’t taken it yet.”