Györgyi Bors - Best in Show Platinum Award

Györgyi's painting was selected by Jury as The Best in Show in Camelback Gallery's Black and White 2021 Group Award Exhibition

Art News from United States. Published by Camelback Gallery on Friday 05 February 2021.

Györgyi  Bors image

The selection of artwork was chosen based on the number of entries, technical skill, quality of work, originality and the criteria for this event. Artist represented in this show are from the countries, USA, Hungary, Russia, Canada, India, South Afric

Györgyi’s Locale: Maglód, Hungary
Title of Artwork: Doomsday
Medium: Oil on Canvas

Györgyi’s statement about this painting:
When the day of doom comes, our further destiny will be decided. The reward of eternal life or damnation? I wanted to show the moment of the decision. My intention is to compose paintings that contain an internally connected message, emotion, thought, impression, or even human qualities. I express my opinion on the canvas of the universal human being in relation to its good and bad sides. I try to elevate experiences, feelings, and thoughts to a universal level with the tools of painting that almost all of us know or have already experienced in some form. In my works, I do not express myself directly, but use the tools of abstract painting. The style of my paintings is geometric and lyrical abstract, present separately, but sometimes combined in my art.