TOPshots 2019–20 winner announcement

Art News from Australia. Published by Monash Gallery of Art on Thursday 11 February 2021.

TOPshots 2019–20 winner announcement image

MGA would like to congratulate Rachael Erdody, winner of TOPshots 2019–20. Her work was chosen from the shortlist of finalists by guest judge Katrin Koenning who is a Melbourne-based photographer and winner of the 2019 William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize.

In making her selection, Koenning wrote the following statement:

‘In her collage work from the aptly titled series Disturbing scenes from my everyday life, Rachael Erdody both presents us with a kind of dystopian fracture – a homage perhaps to acknowledging our nightmares – as well as a gently humorous glimpse into a playful otherworld. Drawing reference to art historical contexts and yet extending these back into a contemporary context, the work offers a plunge into darkness and respite from it all the same. Time is suspended or made anew, and so is the real. ’Untitled’ collides and re-writes internal and external, known and unknown, imagined and experienced. In its mashed-up state, the already-seen becomes a new place.’