Robert Bolla | Best in Show

Robert's Photography recently received the Best in Show Platinum Award in Camelback Gallery's International Juried Land and Sea 2021 Competition.

Art News from United States. Published by Camelback Gallery on Saturday 29 May 2021.

Robert Bolla image

Artist Locale: Wildwood, Missouri, USA Title: Red House in the Lake Mt Cerro Paine Grande, Patagonia Medium: Digital Photography

Artist’s Statement:
I have had a life-long interest in photography gathering skills via professional mentoring in methods of film photography and techniques. I have translated these skills to the world of digital photography and the use of post processing to emulate film types and darkroom methods as well as to incorporate painterly skills into my toolbox. I use post processing to emulate vintage films, and vintage techniques, as well as artistic expression as might be found in paintings. I also print on a variety of papers such as metal paper and linen paper to gain full expression of the photograph and the post processing. All this to provide the best story telling image. With my images I aim to tell a story, not necessarily my story, but one the viewer can imagine as their own.