Carly Tyll | Best in Show

Carly received the Best in Show Platinum Award for her sculpture in Camelback Gallery's Juried Artist Choice VII Group Award Exhibition. Congratulations Carly! See the online show at

Art News from United States. Published by Camelback Gallery on Sunday 13 June 2021.

Carly Tyll image

Artist Locale: Richmond Hill, Ontario CAN Title of work: Odyssey 1 Medium: Paper sculpture

“Engaged in the collective conception of the conscious experience, I examine reality on a subjective scale, permeating the borders of perception, and inviting the viewer to question the way in which they see the world. Contemplating consciousness as an axis to which all things exist, my work reveals a romanticized rendering of reality, characterized by the power of potentiality. In reverence to the beautiful and the sublime, I reflect upon the awe-inspiring wonders of reality, both within the physical and metaphysical realms, contrasting and comparing the two as both binary and singular. Questioning and challenging laws of nature, I explore the entanglement of existence, finite and infinite, searching for something beyond myself.” Carly