Charles Osaro - Best in Show Platinum Award

Charles received this award by entering Camelback Gallery's Shades of Blue 2022 International Juried Visual Arts Competition.

Art News from United States. Published by Camelback Gallery on Tuesday 08 February 2022.

Charles Osaro image

Artist locale: Lagos, Africa. Title of work: Eyes on the Sparrow. Medium: Acrylic & Charcoal.

“The inspiration behind this painting was sequel to some challenges we encountered as humans which sometime make us lose track. The title; Eyes on the Sparrow which also means: “To focus on something”.
I feel no matter what we are going through, for the fact that we are focused on our goal we have every possibility of achieving it. The eyes have some sort of connection it creates. Whatever we see, we register and it’s passes a message to the brain for interpretation." Charles