Creative Talents - Issue 001

NFT Magazine

Art News from United Kingdom. Published by James Hurley - on Friday 25 March 2022.

Creativer Talents - Issue 001 image

Welcome to issue 001 of the Creative Talents magazine! The purpose of this magazine is to provide new and established NFT artists and projects with an additional platform to showcase their work.

The aim is to show this work to a broader audience that may not have heard of NFT’s or seen the amazing artwork and the super fundraising that is being generated by the sale of NFT’s., check out the Jeremy Rochat and the C.C.Club on page 4 and Winston the grey on the opposite page as examples. Putting the magazine in front of an audience that loves online visuals and using a series of short stories that are published on a leading magazine portal will be the starting point to help raise awareness of these projects.

The cover artwork was created by the talents artist Randy Monteith, aka Doctorwu