$100 per year gets you four works of art: Field Theory Art Club

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Monday 12 July 2010.

$100 per year gets you four works of art: Field Theory Art Club image

There are a tonne of new business models being experimented with in the art world at the moment, and one of these is Field Theory Art Club, a collective funding model started by a group of Melbourne artists.

Up to 200 people per year can join as subscribers, paying an annual subscription of $100 each.

The funding is input into four unique art projects per year. In exchange, each subscriber receives four artworks.

Field Theory only kicked off a few months ago, and they are already well on their way to meeting the 10-11 financial year subscriber quota. If you want to join now, you’ll still receive 3 artworks for the remainder of the financial year, plus The Prismatic Auditors have decided to send late subscribers their gift as well.

Contributions are not currently tax deductible, (although I let Field Theory know they might want to consider using the Australian Business Art Foundation as a not-profit auspice so that subscriptions could become tax deductible).

For their first year of operation, the collective chose 3 works from within the collective, and one from outside, however in future the combination may change.

You can sign up, or read more about this year’s projects, including Willoh S. Weiland’s space soap opera about Kamahl, and a game of pass-the-parcel operating throughout the postal system, on the Field Theory website.