OUTER SITE: New book on RMIT's intercultural Public Art projects

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Monday 30 August 2010.

OUTER SITE: New book on RMIT's intercultural Public Art projects image

Since the early 1990s artist and public art curator Geoff Hogg has been director of RMIT’s Art in Public Space, the only department of its type in Australia, and which has initiated dozens of large public art projects throughout the world.

Extensive in scale and employing up to hundreds of artists and art workers in each country, the projects include the largest mural project in China, an extensive landscaped culture park in Turkey, a children’s fantasy park in Melbourne and an ongoing project featuring the significance of bicycles as an alternative means of transport.

Tapping into the related fields of mural and street art, public art projects are rapidly gaining worldwide recognition. Now a world leader in the field, RMIT Art in Public Space has developed a substantial international following, becoming widely recognized for its contribution in forging extensive and significant links between the artists and people of Australia, China, Europe, Turkey and other countries.

With a foreword by leading US writer, curator and activist, Lucy Lippard, introduction by RMIT’s head of art, Professor Elizabeth Grierson and essays by head of department Geoff Hogg, curator Tristian Koenig, artist Maggie McCormick and lecturer Kristen Sharp Outer Site: the intercultural art projects of RMIT Art in Public Space details the development of public art throughout the world and extensively documents through text and images, the evolution of many projects over extended periods – from conception to completion.

Published by McCulloch & McCulloch in partnership with RMIT Art in Public Space.

Copies can be ordered online for $59.95 AUD