Inconvenient by Jane O'Hara receives Best in Show

On the Brink: Endangered Species is proud to announce Jane O'Hara Best in Show

Art News from United States. Published by Wild Heart Gallery on Tuesday 01 November 2022.

Inconvenient, by Jane O'Hara image

Congratulations to Jane O'Hara for Inconvenient winning Best Overall at Wild Heart Gallery's On the Brink art exhibition! The painting has a conservationist theme, depicting a polar bear adult and cub teetering on a pole over a raging Hokusai-style ocean.

For On the Brink: Endangered Species juried art exhibition, artists were asked to submit endangered animal artwork. Artwork ranged from realistic to surreal and the majority of the work came packed with conservationist messaging. It’s an inspiration.

Artwork for this exhibition was selected by jury based on theme, originality, technique, skill, and quality of work.

Awards: Best in Show, Overall Runner Up, Overall Honorable Mentions, Best in Category, and Special Merit Awards.

Best in Show
Inconvenient, by Jane O’Hara
24in x 24in, acrylic on canvas

Overall Runner Up
Endangered Pets, Cheetah, by Harry Waller
Artist sculpted clay cheetah, set in an aquarium with hamster wheel and accoutrements.

Overall Honorable Mentions
Carole Bracy , Adrian Hatfield, Harry Waller, Tricia Evenson, Caylin Schwartz, Andrew Frank, Torie Hilley, Caylin Schwartz, and Ralph Broussard

Best in Category
Digital Art: Ralph Broussard
Mixed Media: Andrew Frank
Painting: Jane O’Hara
Photography: Carole Bracy
Printmaking: Caylin Schwartz
Sculpture: Harry Waller

Special Merit Awards
Andrew Frank, Torie Hilley, Vicki Richtman, Eric Reou, Carlyn Krall, Ross Halfacree, Ralph Broussard, Caylin Schwartz, Eric Reou, and Michael Putorti

Thank you to every artist who submitted work for consideration.

Please take a moment to visit the virtual exhibition at Wild Heart Gallery’s website.