Silk Snapper Wild USA $14.99/lb by Rachel Hall receives Best in Show

Ebb and Flow is proud to announce Rachel Hall as Best in Show

Art News from United States. Published by Wild Heart Gallery on Wednesday 01 March 2023.

Silk Snapper Wild USA $14.99/lb image

Congratulations to Rachel Hall for Silk Snapper Wild USA $14.99/lb winning Best Overall at Wild Heart Gallery's Ebb and Flow: Wildlife and Water art exhibition! Artivism (activism through art) was an important aspect of this exhibition. This piece is not only an outstanding example of loose, bold painting, but also honors the conservation aspect of the theme.

Artists were asked to submit their artwork of aquatic-centric animals or artwork incorporating animals and water. This is our first time giving out an Artivism Award. Seeing and reading about the conservation and ecological-awareness themes in various pieces was enlightening and fulfilling.

Artwork for this exhibition was selected by jury based on theme, originality, technique, skill, and quality of work.

Best in Show

Silk Snapper Wild USA $14.99/lb, by Rachel Hall

Overall Runner Up
The Great Blue, by Vanessa Thorman

Artivism Award
The Pulpo, by Eduardo Lopez

Overall Honorable Mentions
Mary Smith, Jacque Price, Darlene Holman, Aurora Pagano, Lauren Fiasconaro, John Bisone, and Donna Dutra.

Best in Category
Digital Art: Chelsea Dixon
Drawing and Pastels: Darlene Holman
Mixed Media: Linda McClure
Painting: Rachel Hall
Photography: Lauren Fiasconaro
Printmaking: Ted Shaine

Special Merit Awards
Linda McClure, Darlene Holman, Luisa Ruiz, Summit Chatterjee, Joha Bisone, Christine O’Dell-Ferguson, Swaroop Ashok, Eduardo Lopez, Martha Cederstrom, and Michelle Waters.