Curator's Choice | Elizabeth Gorcey | Artist Interview

American artist Elizabeth Gorcey has devoted her life to the pursuit of art that intrigues her. Gallery Omata interviewed artist & actor Elizabeth Gorcey about her creative life both in front and behind the camera.

Art Interview from United States. Published by Gallery Omata on Saturday 29 April 2023.

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Compelled by her love of visual arts, Elizabeth became a painter when she was a little girl. Winning an award at the age of 10 for her watercolour Chinese Tea Pot, which was displayed in the New Jersey State Museum. She continued to win awards in painting and sculpture in the years that followed, which led her to France to study under Martine Vaguel. Elizabeth continues to paint, but now with oil

Elizabeth Gorcey has devoted her life to the pursuit of art that intrigues her, stories that compel her, and the elevation of authentic voices that must be heard. Her dedication has allowed Elizabeth to discover and pursue her own creativity and talents while inspiring others to do the same. Elizabeth has extensive experience working in the cinematic field as an actress, director, and producer. She used this knowledge in her fight to create documentary style films that shed light on the stories of the unnoticed, the unheard. By boldly exploring socially taboo topics like aging and disability, she translated the lives of others into compelling films. Elizabeth’s creative endeavors won awards and advocated for individuals and communities the world had pushed aside.

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