Curator's Choice | Lydia Law Li | Artist Interview

Interview with playful artist Lydia Law Li discussing her Farticles project.

Lydia Law Li image
Lydia Law Li.  Lydia Law Li Frustrated Digital.  All rights reserved.  Lydia Law Li.  Hong Kong  2023.

Drawing upon her diverse background and experiences, Lydia's art takes on a playful, joyous and at times surreal tone, allowing her to explore questions of identity and heritage through her unique lens.

Lydia is a dynamic artist hailing from Girona, Catalunya, Spain, with deep roots in Hong Kong, whose passion for art has yielded a body of work that speaks to her creative vision.

Currently based in Berlin, Lydia maintains a professional career as an app developer and UI/UX designer, while also devoting time to her hobbies such as climbing, dancing and illustrating.

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