Welcome Adam Strange!

Adam's artwork was juried and selected for this prestigious Solo Exhibition Series! Congratulations Adam! See Adam's virtual show through August 31, 2023.

Artist Adam Strange image
Artist Adam Strange.  Title of work: Cold to the Touch.  All rights reserved.  United States  2023.

Artist locale: London, ON, Canada. Style of work: Suprarealism. Medium: Digital Art (Light and Pixels).

“Art is the corporeal representation of the deeply unsettling knot of humanity, which the artist tries to untie. These visual artefacts are sojourns where time and memory, feelings and perspectives, observations and associations, manifest as physical places or situations showing the “Essentia” – the world as it really is.”

See Adam’s show at CamelbackGallery.com, link provided below.

This is the final show of the 2022 – 2023 season. Camelback Gallery is now accepting applications for the new season. The first deadline is July 31, 2023.