Silly Hendricks, by Kelly Joines Receives Best in Show

HOWL, Art of Dogs. Best in Show: Kelly Joines

Silly Hendricks image
Silly Hendricks.  Sculpture of a black and white great dane rolling on the floor.  All rights reserved.  Kelly Joines, used here with permission.  United States  2023.

Congratulations to Kelly Joines for Silly Hendricks winning Best Overall at Wild Heart Gallery's "HOWL, Art of Dogs" art exhibition! This virtual exhibition honors all things canine, with a heavy emphasis on domesticated dogs. Joines' sculpture captures the very essence of what it is to be Dog. It is finely detailed and expressive.

Best in Show
Silly Hendricks, by Kelly Joines
Approximately 8 × 3.5 × 3.5 inches, Resin clay

This piece howls out, “Dooooog!” without actually howling. It’s full of all the dog emotions and silliness possible. There’s play, yearning, focus, love, distraction-with-focus, and all-around dogness. There is attention to detail in expression, position, and attitude as well as anatomy. The paint treatment on the sculpture is also varied and visually fulfilling.

Overall Runner Up
First Time at the Lake, by Angela Lubinecky
8×10, Acrylic on canvas

Artivism Award
Yellow Galgo, by Hanna Kotowoda
Various sizes available, Digital brush

Overall Honorable Mentions
Maartje Fleetwood, Gary Henzler Allen, JJ Galloway, Deborah Csongradi, Sarah Doyle, Cher Pruys, Holly Cole, and L. Michele Lutzai

Special Merit Awards
Holly Cole, Ted Shaine, JJ Galloway, Kelly Joines, L. Michele Lutzai, Andrea Perantoni, Holly Cole, Elena Ansaloni, Angela Lubinecky, and Cathy Engel-Marder

There is also a selection of works included but not awarded in the virtual exhibition. See the whole exhibition, including Kelly Joines’ entire work in multiple views on Wild Heart Gallery’s website: