One hour, One City, One Film. Gob Squad's Super Night Shot at ACMI

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Friday 18 February 2011.

One hour, One City, One Film. Gob Squad's Super Night Shot at ACMI image

Melbourne, Australia. European performers Gob Squad spend one hour creating a film on the streets of Melbourne. Max Mason reviews the results.

In the preamble to their Super Night Shot project involving four performers with four synchronized roaming cameras, Nottingham/Berlin video art collective Gob Squad declared they would ‘change this city’.

The urgency of a their emotionally charged to-camera commentary kept us intimate with each of the four characters while their group mission, to seek a kiss from a stranger in the city, unfolded over the course of an hour – or one miniDV tape.

The publicist told us of the mission, the director sought people to be in the film, the location manager sought a location and the hero sought to complete tasks given by random strangers.

While the improvised interactions with the public mostly failed to live up to the skilful timing of their synchronized narrative – with the hero being asked to ‘buy me a beer’ or ‘run at a tram’, Super Night Shot’s take on the absurdity of a friendless city crisscrossed with social media was engaging, moving and ultimately, for this reviewer, achieved its goal to change the emotional landscape of our city.

For a long time to come the Town Hall corner of Collins Street will be the place where an Irish girl kissed a German man in a rabbit mask.

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