If you have an iPad, Object Magazine is a free app well worth checking out

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Sunday 20 March 2011.

If you have an iPad, Object Magazine is a free app well worth checking out image

Object catapults issue 60 into the digital sphere with the relaunch of our magazine designed exclusively for iPad. Taking editorial aim at the field of ceramics, the issue is rich, interactive and international.

Download the free app on iTunes today and catch up with David Revere McFadden, Chief Curator and Vice President for Programs at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City, who takes us on a riveting exploration of international ceramics, uncovering some of the most innovative practitioners in the field today. One of Australia’s emerging and poetic ceramicists, Addison Marshall, also speaks to us about his personal relationship to the medium and what inspires his minimalist forms.

Outside the realm of ceramics, we go Inside the Engine Rooms, where we take a sneak peek at the working rooms of some of Sydney’s most creative studios. We meet Object’s Living Treasure, goldsmith, Robert Baines, and we review some of the most exciting design and craft exhibitions, including the 2010 Architecture Biennale in Venice.

Directing Object’s move to digital, Steven Pozel is leading this charge as one of the first arts organisations in Australia to experiment in this exciting and innovative territory, cementing Object’s relevance as Australia’s Design Centre. “I’m truly very proud of the field of craft and design in Australia for being such great innovators and embracing change the way we do. If we were to think of our steps into the digital medium, as similar to making a fabulous piece of ceramics, than I’d say, we’re still at the ‘shaping by hand’ or ‘throwing’ stage of the process. I believe through this new medium, where the clay is still wet, so to speak, we are moving towards something extraordinarily beautiful and unique”, Pozel says.

Object Magazine was first sent to the printer in 1992 and ceased printing in October 2009 with a final edition dedicated to the women who have shaped the field of craft and design in Australia over the past half-century. From that moment forward, Object has been working toward creating a new experience for dedicated readers and supporters.

Object’s former Managing Editor and current Digital Producer, Joan-Maree Hargreaves, says the Magazine’s loyal subscriber base is unlikely to be disappointed. “I think former readers of Object Magazine will agree that this new digital format, not only does justice to the work and the artists themselves that are featured, but also to the creativity and innovation of the broader and diverse fields of craft and design in Australia.”

Digital Object gives you everything the printed magazine offered but with a deeper, more sensory rich experience. Digital Object Magazine is just one part of Object’s aim to create new experiences. To learn, see, hear and look at more visit www.object.com.au

Don’t have an iPad? Don’t panic! Object will have iPads available in the gallery for visitors to use FREE of charge and are also investigating ways to share some of the major features and articles on the World Wide Web soon, so stay tuned!

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