Feeding on 'clean' art will be boring... and stupid.

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Friday 05 December 2008.

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Artabase is opposed to the mandatory, "clean feed", internet-censorship system proposed for Australia.

Throughout history the contents and practices of art have often been contentious, yet artworks have consistently generated debate about real social issues. Debate which increases knowledge, helping societies to grow and evolve. Modern Australia is a young nation. At this crucial juncture in our growth we must choose the type of nation we wish to grow into. Is Australia to become a country of free-thinking citizens or a country of mindless slaves?

Given the challenging nature of contemporary art, there is significant risk that Artabase will become one of the websites blacklisted in Australia. Even euthenasia and anorexia have been touted by Government MPs as topics worthy of filtering.

Artabase believes that in a country like Australia where citizens have access to free education, the education system should be used to fight crime by providing individuals with skills required for research and rational analysis. Education should increase a student’s ability to make intelligent decisions. An education system which enforces mandatory ignorance is counter-productive. A federal government which enforces mandatory ignorance is dangerously totalitarian.

The human mind has the unique ability to make rational, informed decisions. Federal governments have a responsibility to foster this ability, rather than cripple it.

If you are also opposed to forced internet filtering, sign the online petition.

Learn more at http://nocleanfeed.com or consult Skynoise’s human-readable verdict.

Rebecca Cannon.
Founder – Artabase.net