Best of the IGF 2012

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Thursday 01 March 2012.

If you’re an old school type who loves the social engagement – or possibly the fight to the death competitiveness – of a traditional board game but are yet to be won over by their electronic counterparts, there’s a growing trend in mobile games that might just change your mind.

Designed for two players and an iPad, these games combine the retro fun of the board with the wonders of interactive touch screen technology. Throw in some music, sound effects, multiple levels and a Twister reference, and you have Fingle, one of the new games making its way to Gallery 2 for Best of the Independent Games Festival 2012.

Check out the trailer here but be warned; this game may lead your hands into compromising positions!

If the idea of Fingle leaves you craving some good old fashioned social isolation, don’t despair, there are plenty of other games that will draw you into the solitary depths of world exploration, platform challenges and beautiful artscapes.

Botanicula is the new game from the wonderful people at Amanita Design, who brought us Machinarium, shown in the Best of the IGF 2009.

A point and click adventure game, the aim of Botanicula is to help a little group of tree creatures save the last seed from their host tree. The game features a delicate animation style inspired by close observation of the natural world.

We’re very excited to be showcasing this game in the Best of the IGF 2012. Take a sneak peek here:

The Independent Games Festival, held every March in San Francisco, is a conference and get together for developers encouraging innovation in game development. Its annual competition recognises the best work of indie designers from around the world. In the Best of the IGF 2012 we’ll be showcasing four of the five games nominated for this year’s Seamus McNally Grand Prize.

One of these games is Fez, whose creator Phil Fish has been working for the last five years on this epic, which plays around with 2D and 3D space in the game world. It’s truly a labour of love.

Check out last year’s winners and nominees here. The Best of the IGF 2012 opens in Gallery 2 on Tuesday 27 March. Come and try them out for yourself for FREE!

- Fiona Trigg, Assistant Curator, ACMI Exhibitions