New issue of Object Magazine focuses on Studios and Sustainable Fashion

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Tuesday 17 April 2012.

New issue of Object Magazine focuses on Studios and Sustainable Fashion image

Just one year after moving from print to digital with Object magazine, Object: Australian Centre for Design has launched its third issue with a focus on Studios and a special feature on sustainable fashion.

In issue 62, Object begins by exploring how you, as an audience, can find your way through the magazine — three contents pages and tagged articles give you the opportunity to ‘choose your own adventure’ as you find your way through the edition. Whether you’re interested in a particular discipline or theme, you are in charge of what comes next.

Recently relocated from Sydney to Toronto, academic Marie O’Mahony introduces sustainable fashion in the first of a series of essays that will feature in upcoming issues, focusing on a topic of importance written by some of leading thinkers. In Wear It Well, O’Mahony looks at the importance of fit in reducing the impact of fashion on the environment, and some of the innovative and exciting developments in the field from around the world — particularly topical after the success of recent Object exhibition EVERGREEN: fresh sustainable fashion.

With a broad take on what a ‘studio’ might be, we talk to architects Donovan Hill about exploring the site rather than the building, as well as architecture-based Healthabitat about the process they use to merge health and design. Design thinking seems to be taking the world by storm as we highlight three practices using the emerging methodology in different ways: BikeTank, 24HRS2MC and Design Emergency. Meanwhile, Collider merges art and design with their work for the likes of the Sydney Theatre Company and the 18th Biennale of Sydney.

We expose the studio makings of jeweller Cinnamon Lee who works heavily with rapid prototyping in her jewellery and lighting practice. Lee’s laborious hand-finished products share this theme with the work of Lola Greeno — an indigenous shell-worker — who will be honoured as Object’s 2014 Living Treasure.

Fashion designers Serpent and The Swan combine sculpture with their garments, while Vert Design combine industrial with artistic in their studio. Meanwhile check out MAD Open Studios who are providing a unique space for design practice in New York City, and Linda van Niekerk appropriates components from other designers into beautiful and unique jewellery in her show for the Design Centre — Tasmania.

Once again, Object magazine is available across platforms, as an iPad and Android tablet app, and also through your browser on the Object website.

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