Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Prize 2011 winners announced

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Tuesday 25 October 2011.

Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Prize 2011 winners announced image

Sydney, Australia Leanne Tobin was announced as the winner of the Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Prize 2011 at an event at NSW Parliament House on Wednesday 19 October.

Presented by the Parliament of NSW and supported by Campbelltown City Council and Coal & Allied, the award is presented to an Aboriginal artist over the age of 18, born in New South Wales and belonging to a New South Wales language group.

Leanne’s winning work, Defending Country depicts a pale-skinned blue eyed woman holding a shield as a traditional custodian of the Darug people.

In commenting on the artwork, judges Danie Mellor and James Wilson-Miller said that ‘it is a reminder of the matrilineal strength in Aboriginal culture, of the important realisation that women play a significant role as custodians of our past and present memory, and also our future connections with country.’

The winner of the College of Fine Arts (COFA) Professional Development Award was David Nolan, for his work Flash bax.

In addition to the main prize, over $120,000 in scholarships will also be offered through the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. This will include the COFA Development Award and two additional grants for full time students at the University.

The finalists’ artworks are on display in an exhibition at NSW Parliament House until 27 October 2011.

2011 Finalist List
Terrence Allen, Badger Bates, Graham Nudge Blacklock, Keith Brown, Pamela Bugmy, Eileen Carberry, Glenn Duffield, Chris Edwards, Ethel-anne Gundy, Adam Hill, Kim Holten, Bethany Hough, Brian Irving, Warwick Keen, Danielle Mate, Albert ‘Digby’ Moran, Susan Grant Murphy, David Nolan, Frances Belle Parker, Wendy Pawley, Nicole Renee Phillips, Kathleen Richardson, Elaine Russell, Janet Shillingsworth, Bevan Skinner, Ceretha Skinner, Gordon Syron, Leanne Tobin, Scott “Sauce” Towney, Val West, Mark “Punakirri” Willers, Kevin Williams, Terrence Wright, BOOLARNG NANGAMAI ABORIGINAL CORPORATION COLLABORATIVE PIECE BY NOEL LONESBOROUGH, TRISH LEVITT & DEBBIE CALLAGHAN.

For further information, visit Campbelltown City Council’s website.