Brendan Lee's first full-length novel 'Bogan Proof Fences' is now available

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Monday 16 May 2011.

Brendan Lee's first full-length novel 'Bogan Proof Fences' is now available image

Jenny Port Gallery in Melbourne, Australia recently launched Brendan Lee's first novel, 'Bogan Proof Fences'. Here's an extract, and you can get in touch with the gallery if you want to purchase a copy.

ACT Three: The Blandlands excerpt

The Satellite City project was a complete failure: too many single mums, too many stripped Commodores on front lawns and about as much community spirit as the Boxing Day sales. The fortnightly queues at any teller machine were longer than those to see the Myer windows at Christmas and with as many kids in tow. The town wasn’t in decline…it had reached the bottom and been there so long that a dark, thick slime had formed over its slowly moving surface. Satellite City had officially been downgraded to the category of ‘outer western suburb’. Quiet by day – burn-outs by night.

The town was bleeding quality and the house prices were dropping as fast as the VN Commodores were rusting. Satellite City had become a dirty word and the mention of it wasn’t going to get anyone anything except a sympathetic look from a Centrelink officer or a longer sentence from a parole board. Simultaneously, as the suburb was being reclaimed by nature, a plan was being forged that would miraculously fix all its problems.

Around the new bypass things had begun to shape up. The city had crept closer and those with roadside views were rubbing their money-grubbing hands together with glee. No longer shackled to the rotting corpse of a social experiment gone into butyric fermentation, farmers, landholders and even bikers, were taking night courses in property speculation and negotiation.

It didn’t take long for a mega billboard quoted as being the largest in the southern hemisphere to be erected along the bypass. It announced: BEGIN AGAINLUXURY LAKESIDE LIVING in a Helvetica typeface the size of a footy oval and just as well lit. This was the beginning of the exodus from Satellite City.

Low interest rates, bargain priced project homes and a banking sector willing to loan a fortune to anyone with two legs had played against Satellite City’s chances of survival. Old Town was forged on the night that sign was hoisted up, in full view of every commuter twice a day. And on the day after, it rained for the first time in twelve months.

Bogan Proof Fences

Things go in cycles. Thirty years of well-kept secrets are revealed through the experiences of three generations living in an outer western suburban town named Satellite City.

The tragic chain of events begins in 1978. The old guard have hidden their corpses beneath a veneer of mass development and infrastructure, only to lay the foundations of the city’s ultimate demise. A decade later, nation building exercises and waves of patriotism in Australia’s bicentennial year, act as a smokescreen for what is really going on behind the scenes as the city is reduced to a commuter haven and battleground for crime gangs and corruption. By 2008, Satellite City has been abandoned in favour of a new development, yet, there are still those who are determined to get in the way of the Great Australian Dream

Currently Lee is completing his second novel and a major series of works

Brendan Lee is represented by Jenny Port Gallery, Melbourne.
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