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Mike Stacey wins Blue Mountain Crockett Art Prize image


Gallery 101 to close in March image


Melbourne's oldest artist-run gallery launches the book What Art, Which Public image


Still Life by Andrea Smith image


Motherland IV image


Short Play compilation of Video Art is released image


Art Guide East, the East-Europe Lonely Planet for art fans image


Jaime Pitarch image


British Museum acquires work of Jean Baptiste Apuatimi image


National Gallery of Victoria releases a free Iphone App image


Penny Koukoulas: Lost Dogs image


Art Funds outperform stocks and bonds image


Not Quite Art doco series now available on YouTube image


monkey and sardine, stop motion music video image


Second Life generative sculpture: Autoscopia image


David Wojnarowicz, A Fire In My Belly (Film In Progress) and A Fire In My Belly Excerpt, 1986-87 image


Masks for the modern tribe Big Macsquerade. image


World's first online art fair is on(line) this week image


Ricky Swallow closes this weekend, and catalogue review image


Mayte Alonso image


Where The Wild Things Are, stills by skate photographer Mike O’Meally image


Artist will send you artwork for free, demonstrating influential change image


Wikipedia in print image


Curator calls for EULAs image


Bioluminescent Algae, photo by Phil Hart image


Photography from HELMO image


A girl image


Guggenheim & Google sketchup Design It Shelter competition image



Susan McCulloch receives Medal of the Order of Australia for services to the Arts image


Susan Collis Made Good (Detail). image


Top Shop infringing copyright of independent designers image


Gathering Moss. image


Debbie Symons uses video art to highlight endangered animal species image


Visualizing Cultural Heritage and Resources image


Jasmine Targett, glass artist. image


Robert Ashton Floating world 2006 ink-jet print courtesy of the artist image


The interactive Storyboard image


Making Art from Science image


Citilab: granting everyday citizens access to innovative technology image


some kind of empire (detail) 2006. Kate Rohde image


Curators and Taxidermists to preserve human flesh as art image


Dilated Concentrations (Simon) 2009 image


Rebirth Doesn't Have To Be So Hard image



Cassie Thornton image


Two thirds of marketers adopt Social Media Marketing (SMM) image


Brunswick st Gallery Bushfire Appeal Charity Auction image


New book showcasing Australasian Creative Commons case studies image


Neuroscience of Music: why we like surprising melodies image


Seven Thousand Oaks image


Learn how to make mosaics in a workshop this weekend image


Promote your support for the arts on Artabase image


Our top ten #art Twitter feeds image