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failed_artist said 15 years ago

has loads of information about how to best make use of the internet as an artist.

failed_artist said 15 years ago

The Dictionary of Australian Artists Online has entries for thousands of artists from Australia which anyone can contribute research to.

Jonathan Cooper said 15 years ago

Create your own online exhibition, using artworks from the collection of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, with myVirtualGallery.

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 15 years ago

Here’s that one as a link

Great idea Jonathan. Reminds me of the Culture Victoria project in terms of providing an online access portal to a vast real-world collection. CV doesn’t allow curation tho, to my knowledge.

PWRuiz said 15 years ago

Hi all, here is a website that provides support and informative articles and advice relating to art and the market place by art consultant ALAN BAMBERGER.

Examples of articles you might find useful..

Turn Those Lookers Into Buyers
How and Why Do Consumers Choose Art?
Art Opening Protocol 101
Making the Most of Your Art Gallery Experience
Studio Visits and Beyond; Making an Artist/Dealer Relationship Work
My Art Belongs in Museums – How Do I Get It There?
How to Make Your Art Worth More Money
People Need Help Buying Art, So Help Them

Here is the link:

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 15 years ago


The Digital Artists Handbook is an up to date, reliable and accessible
source of information that introduces different tools, resources and ways
of working related to digital art. The goal of the handbook is to be a
signpost, a source of practical information and content that bridges the
gap between new users and the platforms and resources that are available,
but not always easily accessible. The handbook will be slowly filled with
articles written by invited artists and specialists, talking about their
tools and ways of working. Some articles are introductions to tools,
others are descriptions of methodologies, concepts and technologies. The
site hosts articles on a wide variety of topics related to the bits and
bytes of digital art practice, including project management tips, open
content guides, instructions for digital video, digital graphics, and
sound tools, hardware development strategies.
The project is supported by Arts Council England.

Further information:

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 15 years ago


Artfiles is a directory of the diverse and dynamic world of the arts and
cultural creators, facilities, programs and activities of Western Sydney.
Artfiles is brought to you by Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE),
with the support of the NSW Ministry for the Arts and 12 Western Sydney

Artfiles is a resource used all year round throughout Western Sydney and
beyond. 20,000 copies of the printed directory will be distributed over
the next two years, while is accessed worldwide. This
year marks the seventh year that Artfiles has been connecting the wider
community with Western Sydney arts.

You can also search online for specialised information in Artfiles, such
as a complete list of practitioners of a specific artform or a list of
young artists from a particular area in Western Sydney.

To share any arts-related events or opportunities with the arts, cultural
and community industries in Western Sydney, send to on
Monday of each week. We also provide a direct mail and email service (call
Artfiles on 02 9897 5744 for quotes and bookings).

To receive Artfile News, a regular enewsletter with information about
events, grants and other opportunities relevant to people in NSW, you can
subscribe by sending an email to;

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 15 years ago


Presentations from M&GSQ events are available from our website as audio
and video files. You can play these on-screen from the website or save and
play on your computer or portable device (such as an iPod) at a time of
your choosing.

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 15 years ago


Please visit EAI’s new project, The Online Resource Guide for Exhibiting,
Collecting & Preserving Media Art, a comprehensive source for information
on single-channel video, computer-based art, and media installation:

Founded in 1971, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) is one of the world’s
leading nonprofit resources for video art and interactive media. EAI’s
core program is the international distribution of a major collection of
new and historical media works by artists. EAI’s activities include a
preservation program, viewing access, educational services, online
resources, and public programs such as exhibitions and lectures. The
Online Catalogue provides a comprehensive resource on the 175 artists and
3,000 works in the EAI collection, including extensive research materials.

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)
535 West 22nd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10011