Athens Video Art Festival 08 // Call For Entries

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anonymous said 15 years ago


Athens Video Art Festival is the official Greek festival for video art. It aims to the support of digital culture and the promotion of this modern and innovative form of expression, giving the artists additional motives to create, and a platform to share their artistic vision with the public. Through its three very successful previous materializations, the festival has been endorsed by national factors and media and has gained the support of a big number of artists around the globe.
Athens Video Art Festival is held once a year in April and its call for entries is open from mid October to January.

Artists may participate with works of video art, installation art and performance art.

There is no entry fee.

No restrictions apply regarding the subject. In the case of submission of video art, the length of the video should not exceed 15 minutes. The video must be submitted in DVD (PAL) or mini dv format. Artists have the right to participate with more than one works, with a maximum of four. A separate entry form must be completed for each one.

The festival is open to both Greek and foreign artists alike.

Postmark deadline: 31th January 2008.

Please visit for instructions on how to participate.

Veronica  Kent
Veronica Kent said 15 years ago

Its meant to be an amazing festival. Im going to be there so can report back on what happens if anyone ends up participating.