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Beyond Basic Photoshop™ Semester 1: 28–29 March; Semester 2: 29–30 August
This intermediate weekend course is designed for photographers and artists already proficient with basic applications of Photoshop™ who now want to significantly extend their skills and knowledge. It provides a detailed investigation of Photoshop’s unique tools and techniques. Key concepts are explored with the aim of making them as accessible as possible through an emphasis on visual outcomes.

The Digital Fine Print Semester 1: 18–19 April; Semester 2: 19–20 September
This intermediate weekend course concentrates on printing digital files to the highest level of perfection. Specialised printing processes, materials and techniques combine to significantly expand the range of the fine print and its creative tradition. The aim is to promote, demystify, and facilitate the production of prints of exquisite quality. It also provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the latest printers, media and inksets.

Advanced Camera Craft Semester 1: 09–10 May; Semester 2: 10–11 October
This advanced weekend course presents a comprehensive overview of contemporary digital camera craft in the field and studio. It is intended for those who are already familiar with DSLR cameras and digital capture and want to significantly extend their understanding and practice. A ‘hands on’ approach emphasises learning through experimentation where the aim is to promote an engagement with photography and its craft as creative expression.

Colour Management Semester 1: 30–31 May; Semester 2: 31 October–01 November
Colour management is at the heart of every contemporary digital photographic process and practice. This advanced weekend workshop presents essential knowledge through a logical and comprehensive approach to accurately colour managing all aspects of digital imaging, from capture, to display, editing, printing and publishing. The aim is to increase productivity and reduce costs while significantly improving image quality and colour accuracy.

For full course information please see the Photography Courses webpage