Art Classes At The Substation Community Art Centre Newport

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anonymous said 13 years ago

The recently opened Substation in Newport Melbourne is now holding art classes.

Erika Gofton is a professional artist based in Newport and will running Foundation Drawing and Painting classes and a more advanced Mentored Class (see details below) She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and Diploma of Education in Visual Arts.
Examples of Erika’s work can be seen at For more in formation on these classes please contact Erika on 9391 8373, 0407197106 or

Foundation Drawing and Painting
Course Overview
An introductory class aimed at exploring the basic elements of drawing and painting. There will be an emphasis on building confidence, developing observational and analytical skills, practical techniques, and material exploration. Moving from black and white to colour, students will explore colour theory, composition, painting techniques, idea generation and materials. There will be one life drawing session within the term to introduce and explore figure drawing and to build on other skills. Classes are relaxed and informal yet aim to provide a basic knowledge to students who wish to pursue their work further, and possibly go on to join a mentored art group.

Mentored Art Class
Course Overview
This class has been developed to flow on from the Foundation Drawing and Painting class, and for those that have some previous experience. Emphasis is on building confidence, technique, exploration of materials and an ongoing focus on the development of the student’s individual project. This class is less structured and offer one on one tuition. Each student can work at their own pace and their particular needs are addressed via direct tutoring rather than group exercises. A chance to meet with like-minded artists who learn from, support and encourage each other. Art both historically and in a contemporary context will also be explored. Life drawing sessions may be organised during the term for those interested. There may also be an opportunity in the future for the group to exhibit work at the Substation if participants are interested.
Other classes on offer Watercolour and Botanical illustration