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Art.Base said 15 years ago

You can now find the latest Artists and Exhibitions that have been added to the site; have a look under the ‘New’ tab.

Also you can find the Galleries on a Google map, check the ‘Map’ tab.

Art.Base said 15 years ago


New stuff includes new design and logo.

You can now add a URL to an Exhibition listing.

The list of Openings includes stuff for tomorrow night and further in the future

More soon…

love from artabassery.

socks said 15 years ago

Looks hot. Feels hot.

Art.Base said 14 years ago

Just checking the forum still works after our recent server upgrade…

Art.Base said 14 years ago

Ok, we’re aware that you can’t create a new thread at the moment. Please excuse us as we adjust our VPS.

List any other problems you encounter here…

If you FAIL on the add new exhibition page 2 form, it might be because you’re trying to put a real post code in the post code field.

Please note that we are removing that form in the next release… in the mean time you can just write 1234 in the post code field on that customer details form. We apologise, but the form was designed for Australia and doesn’t fit international post codes.


Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 14 years ago

Some new RSS feeds

Art.Base said 14 years ago

New threads now working.

Art.Base said 14 years ago

Hi all,

It’s been a while since we were able to update the website, but we’re back on track now.

You’ll notice some new Australian precincts (we’ve added generic ‘Regional’ and ‘Metro’ precincts. Plus Katherine in NT gets a mention, as does Townsville and the South-West of WA).

You may also have noticed that your exhibition long description was being chopped off when you first entered it. That’s been fixed too.

If you’ve got any complaints put them in this thread, we’ll pay attention to those that people complain about the most.


Art.Base said 14 years ago

We’re now offering a managed website hosting service.

You can get a web address, with a pre-installed copy of Indexhibit content management system on there, which lets you create your own online portfolio with unlimited pages, images, video files etc without any web programming knowledge.

Art.Base said 13 years ago

We’re now featuring a few artists around the place!

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 13 years ago

Ok, for the first time in a long time we’ve got a little bit of time to start making fixes around here, yay! So, to begin with a couple of things which were annoying me massively; if you are logged in, and you have an artist or gallery profile, how do you find it easily?

good question! it was a pain.

Anyway it’s a bit easier now, it’s the ‘Artist Profile’ or ‘Gallery Profile’ link in the header.

Feel free to add your complaints here, stuff which is being sooked about the most will be fixed quicker.

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 13 years ago

Also you may not have realised, but you actually have a bit of a user profile. You can see that now when logged in as well. Magic! Click on your email in the header.

Art.Base said 13 years ago

Artabase: Now with rounded edges!

Art.Base said 13 years ago

To help protect you from spam we’ve changed the email address on Artist profiles so that they are only visible if you are logged in.

Art.Base said 13 years ago

Mobile version starting to take shape here:

Art.Base said 12 years ago

Artists and galleries by name, returns 100 items in the list.

Use the dropdown on the artists or galleries pages to change to the name-only list.

anonymous said 12 years ago