Works Art And Design Festival 2013: Call To Enter

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anonymous said 10 years ago

The Works Art and Design Festival has announced its 2013 theme: Human Energy, so embrace your inner-cyborg, pit man against machine, explore the human body, and embrace people-powered artwork from June 20 to July 2 in Edmonton, Alberta. Submissions are due September 28 and can explore a wide variety of artistic mediums.

In the heart of Edmonton’s downtown core, Sir Winston Churchill Square will be your studio and all of Edmonton will be there to power your creative efforts. Enhance your program with art history or audience interaction;. pre-construct your piece for assembly or build on-the-fly. Whether you work in sculpture, paint, tin foil, fruit or performance, we need you to help make the 28th Festival theme, human energy, come to life.

And remember, the Festival is still seeking artists to work on the Works Gateways. Measuring 40’x 12’, the colossal North and South Gateways shape a fairway through Churchill Square. The position of Gateway artist is much-sought-after, so spare no creativity as you figure out how to paint, plaster, shred or even build your own version of the Festival’s biggest attraction.

Visit for more information on the Festival or download your festival application here: