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anonymous said 14 years ago

Artist a day’s nice

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 14 years ago

Art Fag City has some interesting

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 14 years ago

Duck’s Breath

We make money not art has a great article on the the Museum of Jurassic Technology today.

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 13 years ago

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (The Government-owned TV Channel in Australia) has a good arts blog called ‘Articulate’.

It’s an art and culture blog, where this morning I learned this interesting fact:

“I was still surprised to hear reports that stadium rockers Aerosmith have made more money from a videogame featuring the band members than from any of their albums.”

failed_artist said 13 years ago

Creative Economy Online

anonymous said 13 years ago

NotCot has a great feed of awesome arty/design stuff. They’ve been showcasing some things from this site which is cool.