Call For Proposals: 'Mighty Small' At Brenda May Gallery

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anonymous said 10 years ago

Brenda May Gallery is seeking proposals from professional practising artists in Australia and New Zealand for the curated group exhibition ‘Mighty Small′.

Artwork on an immense scale often enthrals and consumes, whereas smaller works captivate on a much more intimate level, drawing the viewer in for closer inspection. This exhibition will not simply be concerned with works that are little, but works that defy the very notion of small meaning less or denoting an absence. It will present work that is compact, but is in every way just as powerful, notable and spectacular.
Proposals for this show must be received by Friday 26 April 2013.

Artwork to be delivered to the Gallery by Friday 5 July 2013.
Submissions should be posted directly to the Gallery (email submissions and proposals sent by registered post will not be accepted) and should include a CD of recent work and images in support of the proposal, an up to date C/V and a single page outline stating which exhibition you are submitting for and the nature of the work you are proposing. Please no powerpoint or keynote files.

anonymous said 10 years ago