Call For Submissions (Urban Photography)

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galleryDK presents work that refers to all experiences of urban life. Photographic or photo-based art examining, but not limited to, issues of social and urban pertinence such as transportation, consumerism, poverty, built environments and the urban space shall be considered for exhibition.

We are now programming our inaugural year and invite submissions for exhibition. Your proposal must include the following:

1) 10 images (CD or email only, JPEG, 150-300dpi, no more than 800 pixels in the longest direction) of the work you intend to show or in the same aesthetic of the work planned to show.

2) Statement of Intent outlining your rationale for the subject matter you have chosen and your photographic vision. As well as, a potential hanging plan that coherently exhibits the work as it relates to each other.

3) Artist’s Statement and C.V.

4) The month you desire to have the exhibition, hanging requirements, selection of additional promotional services, S.A.S.E. and a deposit cheque of $200.00 (to be cashed only if accepted).

Please send this package attention “Programming” either to or 1332 Queen Street West, Toronto ON M6K 1L4.

galleryDK rents 3-week shows for $1,000.00 + 10% commission (and applicable taxes). As an artist you receive an opening reception, e-invites to our extensive mailing list, listings in major publications and window lettering for your show. You may also choose us to have postcards printed for an additional $125.00 and list your show in both Slate and Akimbo for an additional $225.00.

1332 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada M6K1L4