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Art.Base said 15 years ago

Hey all,

Our test RSS feed (on the discussion board) appears to be working, which is nice to see, so please feel free to start using it, and add suggestions below for parts of the website you want a feed on.

The first I’ll be working on is new artists, galleries and exhibitions being added to the website.

For those of you who don’t know what an RSS feed is or is used for, in short, people use it so that they can find out what updates have happened to a website without actually going to that website. (syndicatists will bite my ear off over the simplification of the usage, but that’s enough of an explanation for the context of this website).

If you’d like to learn more, see the wikipedia entry on RSS here

I use the Firefox plugin called ‘sage’ to read my RSS feeds, it works well on osx and winxp. If you use firefox you can install Sage here

An excellent arts RSS feed is We Make Money Not Art at

Art.Base said 15 years ago

If you like to use Feedburner, you can find the discussion feed at

Art.Base said 15 years ago

Few more feeds up.

Details here

Art.Base said 15 years ago


It’s been mentioned that a local rss feed would be good. What do you want in it?

My first thoughts are a feed for openings tonight in your town, and a separate feed for exhibitions which are open today in your town?

anonymous said 14 years ago


is there any chance you could make an rss feed for the ‘opportunities’ section? i’d be interested to subscribe but i prefer rss as a way to deal with this kind of information (i try and keep my email inbox as empty as possible).


Art.Base said 14 years ago

Thanks for the great suggestion Mike, we’re looking in to this.

We chose email for the opps because some people like to treat their inbox like a to-do list, so if one is going to apply for an opp, keeping the opp in the inbox can be a good reminder to get it done.

But I understand info-overload, and wanting to keep a zen inbox is a big part of that!

Art.Base said 14 years ago

ok, the lovely folk down at railsplayground just installed a nifty perl script for Mailman that was sitting in sourceforge

here are the links to the rss feeds for the Elists


the uk and us aren’t working at the moment, but I believe that’s because there hasn’t been any content for this month yet.

Art.Base said 13 years ago

Hey all

We’ve updated the RSS feeds so they are going through feedburner.

The old RSS addresses are being put through a redirect, so they should still work, however unfortunately some don’t update in your feedreader. For instance, if you are using Sage, it will look like we don’t have any updates when we do.

The best way around this is to replace your old RSS address with the new one.