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Art.Base said 15 years ago

This thread is just a general area for discussing the Australian art opportunities email list.

At the moment the list is subscribed to other lists. Some people don’t like this; but for the sake of disseminating as many opportunities as we can we have decided to let through any emails with an opportunity in them, including those from other email lists. However, we won’t let an email from one of these other lists go through if it does not contain an opportunity.

We’re subscribed to:

Australian Network for Art and Technology
Accessible Arts
eGroundwork from Regional Arts Victoria
Arts NT Ebulletin

Please note that messages originating on these lists might say something like:

“You have received this information because you are subscribed to the eGroundwork mailing list.”

This is not the case if you are receiving the email because you are on the Artabase email list. You should use the Artabase footer link to unsubscribe if you don’t want to receive this information any more.

Please feel free to discuss this list. If you don’t like the way it’s structured feel free to mention that.