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Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 15 years ago

Julian Oliver has a fantastic article available on his blog called ‘Perceptual Play: Optical Illusion Art as Radical Interface’

You can get it from http://selectparks.net/~julian/index.php?entry=entry080228-202938

Ouliposse said 15 years ago

Another fantastic article and a great following up to his Buffering Bergson piece of some time ago. I am interested in the use of a Creative Commons license; if people reference the article, don’t they just… reference it? I mean… like:

Oliver, J. (2008), “Perceptual Play: Optical Illusion Art as Radical Interface”, in Homo Ludens Ludens Symposium Book, Laboral Gallery Press, Spain (forthcoming).

UnixMan said 14 years ago

I accidentally started another discussion thread, then noticed this one …

isn’t it disappointing how ephemeral the internet really is … 7 months and the link above goes nowhere useful anymore … but searching for the title did help …

<the unix man>