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socks said 15 years ago

Who are yours?

I’m terrible at remembering things/people without prompts, but today I only just (duh) made the connection that Lachlan Conn (of silentarmy; of Voiceworks designer fame) is the same Lachlan who operates the brilliant Forepaw space in Northcote (Melbourne). His illustration and comic art is so great; progressive imagery with a 1940s-1960s block colour style.

One of his excellent ideas is Trails, a zine that’s compiled at the end of the drawing night of the same name which is held at Forepaw.

!http://jackywinter.com/files/artworks/0000/0294/thelook_copy.jpg(the look of love)

I’m also pretty fond of Dylan Martorell, Cailan Burns, Yandell Walton and others whose names escape me now. I always liked Tai Snaith’s stuff, too.

Share yours?

socks said 15 years ago

Err, I should have also said that “local” for me is Melbourne, Australia. I guess there are people everywhere on this site, huh…?

socks said 15 years ago

The Look of Love by Lachlan Conn

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 15 years ago

Ghost patrol is my fav.

sorry, all my artist friends he just beat.

Ouliposse said 15 years ago

Ghost Patrol; seconded. Pour money on it nao.

I like to see good use of materials, so I’m all about retreats from the dialogic and well into craft. Anybody with a good use of language (ie, none, or a little) is a friend of mine.

failed_artist said 15 years ago

invest in lolcats

hop dac
hop dac said 15 years ago

photographer lindsay blamey, melbs:

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 14 years ago

not local, but still a fav

Guillaume Bresson

Cristina said 14 years ago

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anonymous said 14 years ago

I really like this egg picture by gene wisniewski http://artabase.net/listings/artist/335-gene-wisniewski

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 14 years ago

Justin Cooper’s Rad http://justincooper.blogspot.com/

anonymous said 14 years ago

thank you, anonymous. i was really thrilled to read your comment.

gene wisniewski

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 14 years ago

I love some of this stuff by Sam Webber


Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 13 years ago

I love this light artist, solar powered light emitting fabric, nice!