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socks said 9 years ago

Who are yours?

I’m terrible at remembering things/people without prompts, but today I only just (duh) made the connection that Lachlan Conn (of silentarmy; of Voiceworks designer fame) is the same Lachlan who operates the brilliant Forepaw space in Northcote (Melbourne). His illustration and comic art is so great; progressive imagery with a 1940s-1960s block colour style.

One of his excellent ideas is Trails, a zine that’s compiled at the end of the drawing night of the same name which is held at Forepaw.

!http://jackywinter.com/files/artworks/0000/0294/thelook_copy.jpg(the look of love)

I’m also pretty fond of Dylan Martorell, Cailan Burns, Yandell Walton and others whose names escape me now. I always liked Tai Snaith’s stuff, too.

Share yours?

socks said 9 years ago

Err, I should have also said that “local” for me is Melbourne, Australia. I guess there are people everywhere on this site, huh…?

socks said 9 years ago

The Look of Love by Lachlan Conn

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 9 years ago

Ghost patrol is my fav.

sorry, all my artist friends he just beat.

Ouliposse said 9 years ago

Ghost Patrol; seconded. Pour money on it nao.

I like to see good use of materials, so I’m all about retreats from the dialogic and well into craft. Anybody with a good use of language (ie, none, or a little) is a friend of mine.

failed_artist said 9 years ago

invest in lolcats

hop dac
hop dac said 9 years ago

photographer lindsay blamey, melbs:

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 9 years ago

not local, but still a fav

Guillaume Bresson

Cristina said 9 years ago

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anonymous said 9 years ago

I really like this egg picture by gene wisniewski http://artabase.net/listings/artist/335-gene-wisniewski

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 9 years ago

Justin Cooper’s Rad http://justincooper.blogspot.com/

anonymous said 9 years ago

thank you, anonymous. i was really thrilled to read your comment.

gene wisniewski

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 9 years ago

I love some of this stuff by Sam Webber


Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 8 years ago

I love this light artist, solar powered light emitting fabric, nice!