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Premier’s Design Awards/


The Premier’s Design Awards are a biennial awards program developed by the Victorian State Government to recognise excellence in the realm of design practice in Victoria, and to communicate the value of good design to a broad public and business audience both locally and internationally.

The 2008 Premier’s Design Awards offers a number of categories under which entries can be made. This comprehensive category list clearly communicates the breadth of design skills on offer in Victoria, and allows the Premier’s Design Awards exhibition and publication to be a comprehensive representation of the best work being generated by Victorian design practices in the 2007 / 2008 period.


The 2008 Premier’s Design Awards will identify and celebrate Victorian design practices and professionals who demonstrate an ability to deliver exceptional design outcomes that present a comprehensive design solution of the highest quality. In today’s context, design quality is assessed by an increasingly discerning community that expects the innovative manipulation of function, materiality, space and aesthetics that delivers value, provokes delight and anticipates emerging social and environmental conditions.

Through the Awards program a series of Premier’s Design Marks are presented to design practitioners across an array of professional disciplines. Those who receive a Premier’s Design Mark will be designers and practices that have developed their skills and their creative processes to respond to the new more demanding market conditions, producing exemplary approaches and outcomes that are perceived by the profession, clients and the community as a contribution to a sustainable future.

As the highest acknowledgement of excellence in the realm of design practice in Victoria, receiving a Victorian Premier’s Design Mark and being included in the Premier’s Design Awards exhibition and publication is an opportunity offered to professional designers at the very top of their game – in terms of skill, service and social awareness.

The Premier’s Award for Design Leadership

An important award, designed to recognise design leadership in Victoria. The recipient will be an individual, not necessarily a professional designer, who has led Victoria by design, profoundly influenced the design industry and is exemplary in his/her contribution to the development of design in Victoria. Nominations for this award are drawn from across the industry and assessed by an independent panel of industry figures.